Australia: Brisbane encourages only ‘pee, poo and paper’ down the toilet

Queensland Urban Utilities has encouraged Brisbane residents to learn how to be environmentally friendly with every flush. “Sewer pipes are designed to carry just that–sewage,” said Michelle Cull, Queensland Urban Utilities. “Unfortunately a lot of people treat their toilet like a rubbish bin, sending nasty things down the s-bend like wet wipes, cotton buds, dental floss and even nappies.” Queensland Urban Utilities spends around US$1.8 million a year clearing blockages from sewer pipes and US$446,000 transporting rubbish from treatment plants. Cull added that blockages aren’t just expensive to clear, they can cause overflows into the environment. “That’s why we’re asking everyone to show their ‘green heart’ by only flushing the three P’s: pee, poo and paper.”