Cities sign up to ‘My water pledge’

The mayor of Palo Alto says that saving water is also in the best interest of the environmental habitat, fish and wildlife. © hjl

The Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation is encouraging city mayors to engage in a friendly competition to see which community can best inspire their residents to save water through online pledges.

The challenge asks people to take the ‘My water pledge’ on behalf of their city. The city with the most pledges wins, and those in the winning city may be eligible to win prizes such as a new Toyota Prius or a home waterefficiency makeover kit.

The asks residents to commit to simple water-saving behaviour, such as fixing leaks, taking shorter showers, and landscaping with climate-appropriate plants

One mayor that is participating and urging city residents to sign up is the Mayor of Palo Alto, Pat Burt.

“California is experiencing a drought of historic proportions, but we recognise that water conservation is a way of life, regardless of drought or rain conditions,” he said. “Saving water is in the best interest of our population, environmental habitat, fish and wildlife, recreational opportunities and overall climate protection goals. Participating in this contest demonstrates our city’s commitment to conservation and protection of such a precious natural resource.”

The website asks residents to commit to simple water-saving behaviour, such as fixing leaks, taking shorter showers, and landscaping with climate-appropriate plants.

“Palo Alto ranked in the top 10 of the water conservation challenge the first year our city participated. How great would it be if we could meet or beat that goal again this year?” said Jim Keene, City Manager. “This challenge is a great opportunity to demonstrate that our residents are dedicated to environmentally responsible living.”

The winning city was due to be announced at the time of going to press.