Community of practice launch for AquaRating


A community of practice for the AquaRating system for improving water utility performance has been established by IWA and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The pioneering AquaRating method offers a systematised approach for the comprehensive evaluation of the performance of water and wastewater utilities. It is already used by more than 60 utilities around the world.

The AquaRating Community of Practice digital platform hosted in IWA Connect aims to build on the use of AquaRating by promoting the improvement of water and sanitation services through exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practice among its members.

“The community of practice will be a very useful tool for water and sanitation companies to share and learn from their common experiences, create specific themes, and generate a dynamic of open knowledge in the water and sanitation sector,” says Sergio Campos, head of the IDB’s water and sanitation division.

The community of practice was launched during an AquaRating workshop held in Quito, Ecuador in February. During the workshop, AquaRating certification was awarded to ETAPA of Ecuador and Agua Kpital Cúcuta of Colombia, with recertification for EPMAPS of Quito, Ecuador.