Fiji: Green Climate Fund to finance Suva’s water needs

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) will strengthen the Fijian capital’s resilience measures and at the same time boost clean water infrastructure and wastewater capacity through a US$31 million grant. The US$222 million project will be financed by the grant from GCF, a US$67.7 million loan from the Asian Development Bank, and other sources. The GCF grant will cover a third of the funds needed to ensure the water supply system is more resilient to anticipated climate change impacts. The water intake for the new system will be moved higher up the Rewa River to avoid saltwater intrusion from a rise in the sea level and to cope with likely shifts in river flows in the future. The water system will be climate-proofed through a number of measures, including strengthening pipes to make them more resilient to flooding. By providing an alternative source of water for the greater Suva area the overall water network will also become stronger.