Geotech becomes IWA member

Mike White, territory manager of Geotech

Geotech, a QED environmental company, has joined the International Water Association (IWA) as a professional member, to help contribute to a more sustainable water future for all.

The IWA is the largest international network of water professionals working towards a water-wise world and has staff and members in 130 countries. The association helps to share knowledge and best practice across borders, through events, congresses and research papers and works towards getting water on the global political agenda to influence better regulation and policy making.

Geotech joined the IWA as a member because of its interest in delivering highly accurate water monitoring technology, particularly for remediation and groundwater applications. By sharing ideas with other members in designated IWA Group forums, the company can not only provide answers for issues in other countries but Geotech can also develop its technology to be more in tune with the needs of global water professionals and the issues they are facing.

Mike White, territory manager from Geotech said: “The IWA is really important to Geotech, as we are doing more work in the waste water sector both in the UK and internationally. By becoming an IWA member, we can actually talk directly to other professional people working in the field, to find out where we need to improve and develop our products to be able to help them better monitor substances in water to create a more healthy and sustainable water future for communities around the world.”

As a QED environmental company, Geotech has invested time and resources over the years into developing state-of-the-art technology and programs to collect groundwater samples that have a true representation of groundwater situations. The company’s Senior Vice President and hydrogeologist, David Kaminski has been a key driving force in the industry for over 34 years and has been aptly recognised for his contributions in developing new devices and methods for groundwater sampling applications.

Geotech is a global manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed gas analysers for the biogas, landfill, CO2 monitoring, groundwater and land remediation sectors. Beyond its market leading gas analysers for landfills and the biogas sector, Geotech also designs, manufactures and supplies a full range of environmental monitoring equipment.