H2O Innovation awarded US$4.1 million in new contracts

A water treatment facility operated by H20 Innovation

H2O Innovation Inc. has signed five new water and wastewater projects in North America worth a combined US$4.1 million, increasing its total sales to around $56.6 million.

The first contract is a pre-packaged wastewater treatment system for the State of Texas. The project will use membrane bioreactor technology capable of treating 284 cubic metres of wastewater per day. The system will treat wastewater to irrigate the sports fields of a regional park before discharging the treated wastewater into a nearby stream.

“After several notable water treatment systems installed and an operation and maintenance contract won in this state, we can now add a wastewater treatment system to our portfolio,” said David Faber, vice president of capital project sales of H2O Innovation.

The second project aims to upgrade an existing system and will supply process water an energy company based in the Midwest. The project involves the use of ceramic membranes as pre-treatment to a reverse osmosis system, treating 708 cubic metres a day from nearby lake water as well as effluent from treated wastewater.

Canadian municipalities awarded the remaining three contracts. They include a city in Newfoundland, for which one project will use a nanofiltration system to provide drinking water. A similar project in a municipality located in the Northern Quebec region will apply nanofiltration to treat surface water so as to provide more than a thousand cubic metres of potable water daily.

The final and fifth project is a nanofiltration operation to service a beer producer in the province of New Brunswick.

A statement released by the firm added that all its systems take water-saving measures into their design.