Inauguration of the Nanjing IWA Global Operations Hub

Inauguration of the new IWA Global Operations Hub in Nanjing, China.

The new IWA Global Operations Hub in Nanjing, China was inaugurated at the start of June in a special ceremony, marking an important and strategic step contributing to IWA’s vision of a water-wise world.

“I do believe this IWA Global Operations Hub in Nanjing will develop a range of activities that leverage our professional networks to create value for the water sector and to serve our members and partners from the region and the globe” said IWA President, Diane d’Arras.

The new hub will support IWA’s global activities, and will develop and organise a new biennial global water “IWA Nanjing International Water Week” from 2021, focusing on new ‘ready to market’ water technologies and insights into transformative water innovations. The hub is also going to undertake horizon scanning on the future of the water sector, and will support the consolidation of global water science and technology expertise.

IWA extended its thanks to its partners in Nanjing, namely Nanjing Municipal Government, Jianye District Government, Singapore-Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island, and Dajiang Environment Corporation.

Jiangsu Province is home to more than 2,000 environmental companies and 100 universities and research institutes. Its capital, Nanjing, is leading efforts to develop innovative solutions to concerns around water.