International: Itron announces new app on water education

Itron, Inc., a technology company, and Disco Learning Media, a creative agency and educational consulting firm, have announced that Itron will partner with University of Texas professor Michael Webber, an expert on the water-energy nexus, to create and distribute an interactive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education) app that teaches key concepts about water and energy for primary and secondary education, colleges, industry and the general public. Itron says there is a critical need for developing the STEM workforce of the future and that the challenges and opportunities of the water-energy nexus lack public awareness. The goal of the new tool is to improve water and energy literacy, encourage conservation and resourcefulness, and inspire the next generation of innovators. Working with community partners nationwide, Itron will make the app-based curriculum available free of charge with a goal of reaching at least 10,000 students in 2016.