Ireland: Irish Water to upgrade wastewater infrastructure

Veolia Ireland has secured a new contract from Irish Water for wastewater infrastructure. This contract comprises a €2.16 million upgrade of the wastewater infrastructure at County Cavan and will see the Kingscourt Water Treatment Plant being upgraded to ensure compliance with the Water Framework Directive. This upgrade will help the county address the needs of the expanding population, which is estimated to grow to 108,000 in the next ten years. Veolia will deliver solutions including borehole pumping, direct coagulation process with two-stage dual media granular filtration, chlorination, orthophosphoric dosing for plumbosolvency control and UV disinfection. “Helping Ireland to manage its precious natural resources is our priority for 2016,” said Niall Gleeson, Managing Director, Veolia Ireland. “We will support this upgrade in wastewater treatment infrastructure which also builds in increased capacity to allow for economic growth.”