Low-flush toilet offers retrofit option

Garry Moore, CEO of Propelair, and inventor © Propelair

The UK-designed and manufactured 1.5 litre flush toilet, Propelair, has announced new partnerships with the Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust (CSBT), UK, and has been chosen by Minimise Water as the first product to be launched in its Minimise Water Sustainable Washroom range that cuts water use, minimises carbon footprint, boosts hygiene and saves money.
The company has installed two of its toilets at CSBT’s Green Build Hub, a ‘living laboratory’ of eco-build products, located at the Eden Project, which will deliver performance data and training programmes.
“The beauty of our system is that it can be retrofitted to existing buildings without any problems,” Garry Moore, CEO of Propelair, told The Source when asked about other technologies that are moving away from a traditional sewerage model. “By using less water than conventional systems, it has the potential to radically reduce the burden on sewerage infrastructure.”
Using displaced air technology, the toilets produce a flush using 1.5 litres of water compared to an average of nine.
The company claims the toilets use 84 percent less water and can cut water bills by up to 60 percent. Although not cheap, at a cost of £675, Moore says the toilets pay for themselves after one to three years through savings in water and energy.
As it produces less sewage, Moore says that less treatment is required, reducing carbon emissions and lessening the emptying of holding tanks, saving more money.
“We are committed to a sustainable future and CSBT’s choice of Propelair not only provides a big endorsement of the technology, but also widens our customer base,” added Moore. “This now includes The Royal Bank of Scotland, several UK local authorities and many more. People increasingly appreciate the environment and hygiene as well as the real financial benefits of our water-saving toilets.”