Namibia: Windhoek expands water re-use plants

To serve increasing water demand and to comply with strict regulations on technology and security, the City of Windhoek will expand and modernise its capacities for wastewater treatment and re-use for water supply. Exceeding the initially installed capacity of 21 million cubic metres per year, annual water demand has grown 34 million per year. To assist the city increase capacity, Karl-Ulrich Rudolph, a Professor at the Private University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany), has been appointed as Chairman of the Ujams Panel of Contract Advisors. The Panel will advise the City of Windhoek technically and economically in planning, tendering and ongoing contracts with construction companies and operators of water facilities. “We will break new ground in technical and financial engineering to find out a technical solid and economically viable solution,” said Rudolph. “It is expected that international know-how and best available technology will be applied for Windhoek, hopefully with intelligent finance for a sustainable, cost-efficient solution.”