Phosphorus control in wastewater

Brought to you by Kemira

Phosphorus has a crucial role in food production and fertilizer manufacturing but in wastewater it is a nuisance, leading to eutrophication of our waterways. Phosphorus removal from wastewater is most efficient when combining the right chemistry expertise with smart technologies.

In this 20-minute on-demand webinar, Kemira experts Jean-Christophe Ades and Jordi Ruiz discuss the regulatory landscape and present customer cases from wastewater treatment plants, who are minimizing their chemical consumption, while meeting strict discharge limits.

Topics discussed:

  • How municipal and industrial wastewater treatment operators can
  • Optimize chemical dosing and reduce costs
  • Future-proof operations in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Maintain reliable process performance and stable effluent quality
  • Finally gain peace-of-mind

Watch the video here