Student opportunity at IWA’s Copenhagen Congress

The World Water Camp is a unique opportunity for students that will take place at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen in September 2022, writes Francisca Braga, adding that the Camp will provide students with a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity to allow them to get the most out of the prestigious water conference. Students will benefit from networking support and knowledge sharing, interaction with different cultures, and will improve their awareness about the most pressing water and climate challenges in the world.

Application deadline: 1 February 2022

The first World Water Camp in 2021 was a very successful event. “This experience was very enriching, fun and different,” comments Cristina Villalta, one of the participants. Participants got the chance to meet new people from different backgrounds with various perspectives and solutions for global water problems such as water scarcity. This allowed participants to “meet colleagues from different cultures, ages and places, and become aware of the multitude of different problems and concerns related to water in different parts of the world; and as a consequence, how each city has responded to these issues depending on their background based on different economic, political or even environmental situations),” adds Cristina.

VIA University College, in collaboration with IWA and YWP DK (Young Water Professionals – Denmark), is organizing the next World Water Camp for September 2022. The main part of the Camp (from 11 to 16 of September 2022) will be held in Copenhagen in parallel to the World Water Congress, where the students will have the chance to talk with well-known water experts, listen to presentations, and explore the exhibition hall. This professional interaction within the water sector is of great importance, as Anders Bækgaard, Congress President of the Congress, indicates: “Networking and connection across generations of water professionals are of crucial importance to shape our water future and to combat the climate-water crisis we are facing. The older generation has the professional and strategic experience and the power to set the political and professional agenda. The younger generation has the initiative, fresh thinking, and is not constrained by habitual thinking. Their openness and global mindset makes them key players in today’s climate agenda.”

The world is still facing a difficult period due the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and water crisis. Following a year full of virtual meetings and seeing each other online, it is amazing to finally be able to meet in person for a week full of memorable experiences. The World Water Camp 2022 will kick-off online with two warm-up sessions for the participants to get the change to know each other, then the week in Copenhagen full of activities such as trip fields, lectures and social activities. Afterwards, there will be a recap session online to evaluate the camp and say farewell until the next camp.

The camp will be beneficial, both in the short and long term, to the working life of the future water professionals, as Cristina Villalta remarks: “I always look for more than one answer for a single problem in order to choose the most suitable solution for that specific situation and moment.”

From a business perspective, the water sector can gain from this type of event, as Theis Raaschou Andersen, head of Research Center for Built Environment, Energy, Water and Climate at VIA University College, comments: “International collaboration and experience in the Danish water sector are essential, as the Danish water sector wants to be a front-runner, with high standards of technology, experience and professionalism. Events such as the World Water Camp will give the next generation of water professionals the tools to develop their networking skills and have the chance to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Everyone will benefit from this exchange of opinions, experiences and know-how.”

The World Water Camp would not be possible without support of the sponsors, for whom it is fundamental that the next water professionals are able to think outside the box and be experienced in the sector, as Jesper Goodley Dannisøe from the Danish Water Forum mentions: “Danish Water Forum finds it extremely important that the water sector, not just in Denmark but world-wide, has access to a broad spectrum of well-educated and experienced water professionals, as water will be the most important topic on the international agenda, due to increasing water scarcity on a global scale.”

This is an unmissable opportunity for students, where they’ll get the chance to build and expand their network, develop important skills and just have a great time in the wonderful city of Copenhagen!

Are you interested in participating? Check the official webpage and complete the application ( by 1 February 2022.

Item provided by:

Francisca Braga, Research Assistant, Research Centre for Construction, Energy, Water and Climate, VIA University College

More information:

Participation cost: 200 EUR per person

Application closes: February 1, 2022

World Water Camp 2022 dates:

·       August 31, 2022: Warm-up, Online

·       September 7, 2022, Warm-up, Online

·       September 11-16, 2022, On site, Copenhagen

·       September 28, 2022, Recap session, Online

Organizers: VIA University College, IWA, Young Water Professionals Denmark