United States: Californian city buys floating solar power system

© Infratech

Infratech Industries, an Australian-owned and operated sustainable infrastructure company, is exporting its flagship floating solar system to the City of Holtville in California. The deployment of the one megawatt floating solar system, which includes 276 rafts, 3,576 panels and 12 treatment pumps, and which will generate an estimated 20 percent more power than a fixed land-based system will power Holtville’s new water treatment facility. The system will save water from evaporation as well as improve quality and reduce the council’s reliance on fossil fuels and treatment chemicals. Infratech’s system can shift on the surface of the water in the instance of tremors, and is also purpose-built and installed to withstand waves, which gives Holtville the ability to ensure the availability of its water supply, and the energy needed to treat it during a crisis.