United States: Winery to be first in the US to use closed-loop biological wastewater treatment system

Fetzer Vineyards, a sustainable winemaking company, has plans to install the BioFiltro BIDA System at its Mendocino winery, thereby becoming the first American winery to use the closed-loop biological wastewater treatment system to process 100 percent of its winery wastewater. The BIDA System, powered by billions of earthworms working rapidly together with beneficial microbes, will begin processing Fetzer Vineyards’ wastewater during the 2016 harvest season. This will enable energy savings up to 85 percent over current wastewater treatment technologies and optimise water conservation measures in support of the fight against climate change. The chemicalfree system consumes less electricity than traditional wastewater treatment technologies such as aeration ponds, which require constant electricity to pump and circulate water.