Aquadvanced® by SUEZ: leading edge networks and energy performance tool

Aquadvanced® is a complete solution for the operational needs of the water utility

Aquadvanced® is an innovative software solution developed by SUEZ for the efficient management of the day to day operations of a water utility both for network and energy management. With its intuitive and modular interface, the suite allows a comprehensive view of indicators and information regarding the different management areas.

Within the suite there are specific modules to meet each of the water utility needs associated to each of their day-to-day operations;

  • Aquadvanced Water Networks: efficient real-time management of water networks
  • Aquadvanced Wells: the first solution for the real-time monitoring and optimised operation and maintenance for wells and their pumps
  • Aquadvanced Urban Drainage: monitoring and daily management of sewer systems, early detection of flooding episodes. Environmental protection and optimisation of the operations and performance of wastewater assets
  • Aquadvanced Energy: real-time energy management and optimisation of pump operations for water distribution networks

Main advantages of Aquadvanced®:

  • Reduction of operating costs throughout the water utility
  • Real-time management of water and sewer networks
  • Optimisation of decision-making to improve the performance of the network
  • Helps ensure compliance with current legislation: water quality control
  • Facilitates day-to-day operations: centralised programme that is easy to use

Aquadvanced® is a complete solution for the operational needs of the water utility.

The innovative software solution of SUEZ, Aquadvanced® suite, gathers and analyses all the data and turns it into knowledge for the decision-making process, moreover, it is very easy to use. Suite Aquadvanced has made the complex simple designed for operators by operators.

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