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Details of Job Opportunities with the School of Environment

SOE at Tsinghua University, China, is looking for distinguished and young faculties in various (inter-)disciplines in environmental studies, especially Cross-media composite pollution and emerging pollution, Environment-climate synergies, Biological risks and environmental health, System Ecology, Sustainable Cities, Key technologies for Carbon Neutrality, etc.

Open Position 1:Regional water pollution control

Conducting research on the identification and transformation of prioritized pollutants in the regional water environment, novel water pollution control theories and technologies for synergistic prevention of pollution and ecological risk.

Open Position 2: Interactions and regulation of water quality and aquatic ecology

Conducting researches in the areas of the variation and adaption of watershed-scale water environments and aquatic ecosystems towards global climate change and anthropic activities; the response and regulation principles of aquatic ecological systems to water quality change; the ecotoxicological effects and ecological risk assessment in the exposure of complex micropollutants; risks management and regulation of aquatic ecosystems health under different environmental stress.

Open Position 3: Drinking water safety and health risks control

Conducting researches in the areas of the evaluation methods on the synergistic toxic effects of complex pollutants in drinking water; the innovative technologies on the removal of micropollutants in drinking water; the principles and technologies on drinking water purification and health risks control with regard to achieving standards requirement and controlling toxic effects.

Open Position 4: Construction and operation of sustainable urban water infrastructure

Conducting research on the construction and operation of sustainable urban water infrastructure, and mainly conduct research about theory, methods and techniques of low carbon water and wastewater treatment, efficient collection and distribution of wastewater and drinking water, synergy of treatment plant and network, and urban water infrastructure safety management.

Open Position 5:Green environmental materials for long-term remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater

Conducting research on the theories and methods for the design, synthesis, modification and characterization of remediation materials. the development of green and sustainable materials for long-term immobilization of soil metals, and evaluation methods for the long-term effectiveness of remediation processes etc. Innovative achievements in the development and practical applications of materials for soil and groundwater remediation are expected.

Open Position 6:Interface mass-transfer process simulation for soil and groundwater contamination

Conducting research on the theories and technologies for the modeling of interface mass-transfer process for contaminants in the vadose zone and the groundwater aquifers. A variety of contamination and remediation processes will be studied by modeling approaches. Key achievements in terms of both mechanisms and dynamic modeling of the interface mass-transfer process are expected.

Open Position 7:Simulation and cooperative control of multi-type, cross media environmental contamination of soil and groundwater

Conducting research on the theories and technologies for the simulation and cooperative control of cross media environmental pollution by various contaminants from multiple sources, and field-scale demonstrations based on large environmental simulation facilities. Innovative achievements in the setup and applications of the process analysis and cooperative governance systems of environmental contamination at the regional scale are expected.

Open Position 8:Interactions and coordinated controls of air pollution and climate change

Conducting researches in the areas of: chemical processes, formation mechanisms, and source apportionment of complex air pollution; the physicochemical processes and mechanisms controlling the interactions between air pollution and climate, especially the aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions; numerical models for the formation, evolution of air pollutants as well as their interactions with climate; the principles for coordinated controls of air pollution and climate change.

Open Position 9: Impact assessment and risk control of air pollutions

Conducting researches in areas of: influence of the aerosol physical-chemical properties on their health effects; health effects of ultrafine particles; atmospheric chemical processes of air pollutants under conditions of complex air pollutions, and the influence on their health impact; the trans-media, trans-regional and trans-sectional migration and conversion patterns of air pollutants, and their health-impact assessment and risk control policies, etc.

Open Position 10:Organic solid waste management and urban mining

Conducting research on the innovative theory and technology of material metabolism in the processes of organic solid waste low-carbon and efficient conversion, and recycling of urban wastes, to provide technological and decision-making supporting for development of urban mining, circular economy and ecological industry in China.

Open Position 11:Environmental microbiology and informatics

Developing novel technology or methods in bioinformatics, combine bioinformatics and environmental microbiology to study metabolism and evolution process of environmental microbes/microbial community under environmental stress of pollutions, climate change etc.

Open Position 12:Analytical method and pollution characteristic in multiple environment of emerging contaminants

Conducting research on the analytical method and rapid screening tool of emerging contaminants, such as persistent organic pollutants, pharmaceutical and personal care products, nano-materials and micro-plastics, etc. in environmental media and organism. To illustrate the concentration level, occurrence states, transform pathway and fate in regional multiple environment.

Open Position 13:Bacterial pathogens and environmental health

Developing epidemiology investigation method, genetic analysis and mathematical modeling technologies to investigate source, transmission and controlling strategy of human pathogens in environment.

Open Position 14:Big data and environmental system modeling

Using big data for multi-systems coupling mechanisms; big data mining and application in urban energy system, watershed water system, industrial adaptive system; theory and methods of computable environment.

Open Position 15:Simulation and reconstruction of watershed systems

Conducting research on cross-system integrated model development and application for composite systems to support collaborative environmental governance decision making in urban, regional, global or key industries.


Requirements for Applicants

· Being integrate, diligent, and healthy;

· Being competent to carry out cutting-edge scientific research, strong on teamwork and cooperation;

· Young faculties are expected to have no less than 2 years of postdoctoral or related working experience, and competitive publications or related outcomes;

· Distinguished faculties are expected to be tenured professors / associate professors, or high-level researchers at world-class universities and institutions at home and abroad, who have both outstanding performance in research and / or teaching recognized among international peers, and the capacity to stay at the research forefront and emerge as the most influential figures in their fields.


SOE remuneration and benefits package includes:

· Remuneration: competitive salary;

· Start-up funds: negotiable according to actual demand;

· Doctoral students: guaranteed number of doctoral students;

· Talent programs: accessible to various municipal and state programs, which will be advantageous for your professional development;

· Housing: Temporary apartments on/near campus are provided at low rent. Welfare apartments can be purchased if they meet the requirements of the state and the university;

· Children’s education: Children of pre-school and compulsory education age can be arranged to attend kindergartens and schools affiliated to Tsinghua University.

To Apply

· Please send your application materials to, including a cover letter, detailed resume, representative academic achievements and research proposal.

· This job advert will be valid until the positions are filled.

· To find out more information available at: