Free webinar: Biobased polymers in water treatment

In this live webinar, on 31 May, you will learn why HSY in Finland has opted for Kemira’s novel biomass-balanced polyacrylamide, a water-soluble polymer, for their sludge dewatering process, and how it is contributing to HSY´s sustainability performance. HSY is the regional authority that provides municipal water supply and waste management services as well as information on the Helsinki metropolitan area and the environment.

If you’re looking to make your water treatment processes more sustainable without any compromise to performance, this is the session for you! – hosted by Kemira´s Advanced Water Treatment product line director David Normington and HSY´s director of water services, Mari Heinonen.

Topics discussed:

  • HSY and their sustainability challenges & commitments.
  • What is a biomass-balanced polymer and how is it manufactured?
  • How does the biomass-balanced polymer compare to traditional polymers?
  • Why choose the mass-balanced approach?
  • What is HSY using the novel polymer for and how is it performing?
  • What might the future bring?