Indian analyser contract supports high plant availability

Endress+Hauser manages the operation and maintenance of 227 water quality analysers across a main Indian metro area.

India’s largest engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company chose Endress+Hauser as its partner for the maintenance management of all analysers installed at a large water treatment plant, in addition to the complete design, supply and installation of the analyser panels. A comprehensive annual maintenance contract was signed for a period of 11 years.

The challenge

This EPC was awarded a contract for complete operation of a State-owned 380Ml-per-day water treatment plant located in a densely populated metropolitan city in India. They were looking for a partner to manage 227 water quality analysers spread over 22 locations, and there was no real-time water quality monitoring and the analysers were randomly checked due to the number of locations. Besides the requested proven technical competence, the contractor required their potential partner to ensure both ability to ensure both 100% availability and accurate measurements over time.

Our solution

The annual maintenance contract includes:

  • Preventative maintenance schedule covering monthly planned visits for all 22 locations
  • Daily maintenance of analyser panels
  • Management of spares and consumables stock onsite
  • Timely reordering of reagents and standard solutions
  • Managing service providers for associated accessories of panels, assemblies, pumps, etc.
  • Ensuring accurate data availability on client’s SCADA system
  • Maintaining and managing installed base data on W@M Portal
  • Conducting monthly reporting meetings with the plant maintenance supervisor

Response time is key

The plant distributes treated water to 21 underground reservoirs scattered throughout a 64 km2 area and serves a population of about four million. This requires consistent and accurate water quality parameters being measured by 227 water quality analysers installed in 81 panels with associated accessories such as 60+ sampling pumps. There are 60 panels installed inside the plant and the remaining 21 are located at the underground reservoirs.

Managing the vast project area across a populated city is challenging. The technicians are in dedicated vehicles and must travel to the 20 underground reservoirs outside the main plant. This includes timely refurbishment of chemical reagents and performing scheduled maintenance and calibration of all analysers.

Team sized to meet ambitious expectations

Endress+Hauser and its Authorized Service Partner embedded three service technicians in the project. An Endress+Hauser coordinator supervised the team to ensure close contact with the customer and direct access of day-to-day maintenance activities. A dedicated contract manager ensures customer expectations and needs are met throughout the duration of the project.

Win-win collaboration

Endress+Hauser contributes to the achievement of the long-term targets assigned to the contractor by the Indian State:

  • Minimizing operation and maintenance costs
  • Minimizing water losses due to wastages

• Monitoring effective utilization of water and power