K + Energy: welcome to the new DryWet sewage pumps

Caprari launches an innovative product with an exclusive patent

Innovate to find new efficient solutions for water management, this is Caprari’s core business. Thanks to its division dedicated to research and development, the industrial group, with its Headqaurter located in Modena, is able to offer its customers products with high efficiency and distinctive performance. Each new pump is designed to answer to a specific market demand, in the most efficient and technologically advanced way.

Just to meet end users’ needs, always more concerned about energy savings and operational costs and also to anticipate the evolution of the Ecodesign Directive, Caprari presents on the market a new pump with unique and revolutionary features dedicated to wastewater: the K + Energy range. The new pumps are designed to ensure a premium efficiency level thanks to motors in IE3 efficiency class, as defined in Regulation 640/2009 specific for surface motors. The most performing materials and the new colder motors ensure total reliability of operation, even in critical applications.
The brand new K + Energy range represents an epochal turning point, thanks to the “DryWet” system, the specific solution for cooling unique on the market, very innovative and patented.

The “DryWet” cooling system is simple and reliable, it can be easily activated, it is standard for the full range and enables customer to use a single model both for submerged applications and in dry chambers. In addition, the “DryWet” system has two important advantages for the customer: it does not require additional maintenance and does not absorb energy to the full advantage of the pump performance. The K+Energy models are available also in explosion-proof version with ATEX and IECEx (North America explosion protection directive) certifications.

Another extremely interesting feature of the product lies in the conductivity probe in the oil chamber, also available in the Atex version (patent pending): an unique special feature among the other products on the market. In case of demage of the first seal, the alarm signal is immediately sent to the panel; therefore it is possible to carry out the repair avoiding that the pumped liquid passes the barrier created by the second seal. The electric motor is always protected. The connector, supplied as standard on all K+Energy models, allows the pump to be disconnected without having to remove the cables from the panel, transporting and reconnecting the cables, reducing significantly the intervention times and guaranteeing the safety of the operations. The large-sized precision cast stainless steel handle ensures easy handling of the K + Energy, robustness of the component as well as allowing recovery of the machine immersed, in case of need. New modern and functional design complete the configuration of the latest product of Caprari.

There are many distinctive features of the new DryWet pump designed to ensure its reliability over time and the best operational performanc

Anti-sedimentation system on the section side
Fiber-cutting system in back impeller and consequent protection of the
Mechanical seal
Blades on the back, which exercise a double effect: cleaning the
Area for seal protection, as well as axial thrust compensation for
Bearings protection
Amongst the widest free passages in the category for real anti-clogging

Double mechanical seal
Independent and non-proprietary mechanical seals (no cartridge system)
Reduction of oil quantity to ensure a low environmental impact and
Ease of disposal
Disassembly of mechanical seals has been improved,
Both can be replaced on pump side, leaving the motor safe

Gasket between pump and coupling foot to ensure perfect sealing between components
with no head losses over time

Caprari, with the new K + Energy range with the exclusive Dry Wet system, presents itself as the leading company in advanced solutions for water management and closer to customers’ needs.