Kamstrup introduces first ever smart water meter with Sigfox communication

Kamstrup’s MULTICAL® 21, which has sold more than 1.5 million, is now available with integrated Sigfox communication that enables utilities to utilise an already established communication infrastructure rather than investing in a dedicated one. The meter delivers the same proven benefits as the company’s acclaimed existing smart meters while providing a competitive option for water utilities looking for a maintenance-free infrastructure.

IoT and the ability to connect large numbers of devices, including smart meters, are currently on the agenda for many utilities. With the launch of their new water meter with integrated Sigfox communication, Kamstrup introduces a new and innovative but tried and tested solution that takes IoT within smart water metering from theory to reality.

”We consider Sigfox to be a great supplement to our existing Wireless M-Bus offerings. With our Sigfox-enabled water meter, we combine Kamstrup’s proven metering technology with next-generation communication technology to offer utilities the best of both worlds,” says Per Trøjbo, Senior Vice President at Kamstrup.

The perfect fit for Antwerp, Belgium
The Sigfox water meter was developed in continuation of Kamstrup winning the order for 205,000 MULTICAL® 21 water meters to Belgian water utility, Water-link in 2016. They chose Sigfox communication for their metering solution and Kamstrup’s Sigfox enabled water meter was therefore developed in close cooperation with the partners of the project.

“Because we are combining the meters with a smart valve, we were convinced that Sigfox would work best for us. Kamstrup is a frontrunner in IoT solutions for intelligent water metering and they provided us with the flexibility and interoperability we needed,” says Jan Van Cappellen, former Project Manager at Water-link.

IoT allows utilities to focus on their core business
Sigfox cooperates with different network operators to establish and operate the Sigfox network. Utilities then pay the operators an annual fee for using the network. “Many utilities want to dedicate their time and effort to their core business without having to also take on the roles of communications experts and network operators. To them, a solution that utilises an existing infrastructure and is operated by industry experts is an appealing option,” explains Stig Knudsen, Product Manager at Kamstrup.

In order to be able to communicate via the Sigfox network, a Sigfox radio is integrated into Kamstrup’s new meter instead of a Wireless M-Bus radio for example. In other words, the meter looks the same but sends out a different data package.

Accurate, durable and packed with intelligence
Kamstrup’s Sigfox water meter provides all the same benefits as their popular existing water meter. These include pinpoint accuracy, longevity and low operational costs.

Even with daily values, the Sigfox water meter can also deliver up 16 years battery lifetime and just like the original, it pushes valuable alarms in the event of leaks, bursts, reverse flows and tampering attempts. Its hermetically closed design with IP-68 approved vacuum sealing and the fact that it has no moving parts make the meter resistant to both dust and damp as well as wear and tear.

For further information contact:
Product Manager, Stig Knudsen, Kamstrup, telephone: +45 89 93 13 82

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