Kingspan launches new BioDisc sewage treatment plant with solar back-up solution

As part of their ongoing innovation and new product development strategy, Kingspan is proud to launch the new Klargester Modular BioDisc sewage treatment plant for commercial applications

Using the renowned Klargester Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology, the new Modular BioDisc has been developed to suit local conditions across MENA, Asia Pacific and Sub Saharan African regions with a host of intelligent features including containerised design, solar powered back up options, plug and play technology with local or remote monitoring solutions to cater for off-grid locations.

Klargester Modular BioDisc is available for populations between 300PE and 2500PE. With above and below ground options available, it offers a completely scalable solution for any type of commercial site. The entire Klargester commercial BioDisc range is 100% compliant with increasingly stringent local industry requirements and discharge qualities across all sectors.

Klargester Modular BioDisc applications

Constructed from robust GRP, each 250 PE containerised module is designed for easy installation, utilising plug and play functionality. Modular BioDisc is suitable for a wide range of large scale applications such as:
• Campsites
• Leisure
• Transport
• Multi-housing Developments
• Public sector
• Hospitality
• Offices
• Residential

Product benefits

More Savings – with Solar powered back up
Kingspan’s solar back up option is the ideal solution for customers in remote locations. Solar panels can cater for up to 100% of the used energy on any site, offering a potential payback of three years on a typical Klargester BioDisc commercial system.

This recommended solution is suitable for all commercial applications and is particularly useful for off-grid locations, where absence of a back up system often presents challenges.
It offers a highly efficient and cost effective solution, and is available for use on all models within the BioDisc commercial range, both single piece and Modular.

More Efficiency – with unique forward flow technology
Klargester’s unique flow management system delivers an improved biological process and overall treatment efficiency, by catering for seasonal changes to flows and loads. Adaptive forward feed management allows for total flexibility for seasonally fluctuating sites.

More Scalablity – with sizes to suit all large commercial sites
The commercial Klargester BioDisc range offers a totally scalable solution. Choose from above or below ground options, single piece or modular systems. For applications larger than 300PE, the containerised Modular solution is the best choice, offering flexibility to suit sites with populations up to 2500PE.

More Control – with local and remote monitoring options
Kingspan offer both local alarms and remote monitoring solutions to allow total control over your treatment plant. Kingspan’s intelligent SmartServ remote monitoring solution helps overcome the challenges associated with performance monitoring on remote systems. Our fully integrated connectivity package allows for greater control over your assets, saving you time and money when it comes to servicing your treatment plant.

Klargester’s Modular BioDisc range also offers the following benefits as standard:
• Low running costs
• Noise free
• Odour free – tested and fully approved in accordance with BS EN 13725.
• Compliant with local accreditations – tested to Australian Standards AS1170.4:2007 (Earthquake Actions) and AS 1170.0:2002 (Structural Design Actions)

Full technical support available
Kingspan offer full technical support when it comes to the design and sizing of your system, allowing complete flexibility on your chosen layout.