s::can launches pipe::scan for drinking water quality monitoring in the network

The innovative pipescan for monitoring water quality in pipes under pressure

The pipe::scan is a multiple sensor system for monitoring drinking water quality in pipes under pressure. Completely modular and configurable, it measures up to 10 key parameters in one device: TOC, DOC, UV254, Turbidity, Color, Chlorine, pH/Redox, Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure.

The real-time data can be transmitted to any central database via almost any communication protocol using the revolutionary terminal con::cube. Therefore multiple pipe::scans are the ideal solution to monitor drinking water at any point in the distribution network.

Some of the unique benefits of the pipe::scan include its accurate measurement in perfect agreement to standardized lab reference, organics and turbidity monitoring, and full-scale event detection with real-time alarms within the drinking water distribution network. Maintenance can be done without interrupting the flow/ pressure and for each sensor individually. The 6 months service interval time enables an efficient, reliable stand-alone operation without maintenance.

Example of an installation in a manhole

Background information: About s::can

s::can has given its heart and soul to online water quality measurement. Since its foundation, nothing else has come out of the development department; nothing else has come out of the production sites.

s::can products measure a wide range of parameters in different applications in the areas of drinking water, waste water, environmental monitoring and industrial applications. All products are developed with the same philosophy in mind: s::can measuring instruments are precise, intelligent, robust, and require little or no maintenance.

s::can Messtechnik GmbH was founded in 1999 and is based in Vienna/Austria. With sales offices in 6 countries and sales partners around the world, s::can measuring systems are available in 45 coun­tries. Today, with close to 10.000 systems sold, s::can is the global leader in online optical water moni­toring systems.

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