The Caprari Group looks toward Industry 4.0 and strengthens its Information System

The year 2017 brought great economical results to Caprari spa. The business volume and the customer base arose in Italy, in Europe and even in the entire world, shaping a real global, worldwide market scenario.

The company comes from a long international history and since 1997 made the choice to run itself with SAP ERP, an enterprise resources planning system actually structured to manage complex international businesses.
In all modern companies, the ERP is both their backbone and their nervous system, eventually working in all their departments to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

The management’s decision to further emphasize the expansion of SAP ERP to run the Group’s subsidiaries means also to strengthen the hardware infrastructure, so to get more CPUs, RAM, terabytes of disk space etc. and to improve all those ancillaries which usually stay behind the scenes, but which allow the hardware usability in conditions of maximum reliability and continuity.

Hence the extensive revision of the Corporate server room, completely redesigned according to current safety standards, in order to lower as much as possible any risk factor. To limit the spread of possible disruptions, the area is split into separated environments, each one used for a specific service, accessible but isolated from the others.
In the actual server room five organized racks are housing all the main servers (SAP ERP and non-SAP ERP ones). Today more than 40 physical servers are hosted, tens of terabytes of total storage capacity (both traditional disks and SSDs) and thousands of gigabytes of RAM memory are managed. Anyway the racks allow enough room to further expansion for several years to come.

A 100 Kw power generator set ensures the operations of the Corporate server room and a dozen workstations placed in the Emergency Room, an office designed to perform a minimum of critical operations even during unexpected blackouts .

The Caprari group is one of the leading international companies in the production of centrifugal pumps and electric pumps and in the creation of advanced solutions for the management of the integrated water cycle.