VTA unveils cost-saving solution for wastewater plants

In 2018, VTA Group is taking the next step in reinventing wastewater treatment. Through the introduction of a new product this autumn, sewage treatment plants can continue to count on reliability for safer operation. In addition, financial savings can be achieved, so that more effort can be invested in what matters.

Brand new innovation for multiple cost savings

VTA Biolizer® is a synthetically manufactured high-performance product from the R&D department of the VTA Group. It is the result of collected experience over decades from thousands of wastewater treatment plants around the globe. It is manufactured for experts by experts. It solves problems and creates a balance in the biology of the plant. Furthermore, the regulating effect increases operational safety and ensures smooth running and a stable system.

Improved oxygen transfer – for more available energy

VTA Biolizer® equalises the negative properties of surfactants, balances oxygen bubbles, and increases the oxygen contact area between the gas and water phases. The result is improved oxidation properties, resulting in significant cost savings of up to 30% in terms of ventilation energy.

Thanks to its targeted composition, the system product combines surfactant and emulsion cleavage characteristics with good sedimentation and precipitation properties.

Balancing the biology of the plant

 VTA Biolizer® helps to break down the emulsified fats and oils in wastewater. Improved settling and thickening behaviour of the sludge leads to a more stable operation. Process optimisation measures can be implemented more effectively, and lead to technical and financial added value for the plant. Plants contaminated by organic chemicals can increase organic breakdown and nitrification – and thus their efficiency – by the dosage of VTA Biolizer®.

State-of-the-art products

VTA Biolizer® is the product of decades of expertise and know-how from the VTA Group. As with all the Group’s self-developed system products, the synthetically produced high-performance product VTA Biolizer® is engineered and manufactured in the labs of the principal site in Austria.Since its founding in 1992, the VTA Group has set standards in environmental engineering worldwide.

Amongst the numerous high-tech solutions from VTA are proven system products for the operational optimisation of wastewater treatment plants, as well as technological innovations and individual plant construction.

Further state of the art products in the Group’s portfolio include a fast-acting precipitant for emergency use in a wastewater treatment plants. This is based on nano-technology, and is called VTA Nanofloc®. In terms of sludge dewatering, the company scores with VTA Biocitran®, an innovative development with selected additives which ensures increased drainability, better floc stability, and a visibly clearer filtrate. For odour control, the method of choice is VTA Calcoferrit®. This product removes odours and prevents the development of new smells. The power solution prevents corrosion and thus reduces maintenance expense for the sewer system. At the same time, it optimises wastewater quality.

In the area of plant construction the Austrian company also offers a wide range of technologies, from underground tanks to dosing systems for polymer.

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VTA Group, with principal offices in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, is a global player for clean water and the unspoilt environment. The group is currently expanding in the Asian market. It has innovative, sustainable products and technologies for municipal and industrial waste water treatment, deployed in more than 60 countries, and it cooperates with leading international universities. It offers far-reaching environmental protection and provides over 150 million people a day with clean water. The Austrian “Musterbetrieb” (model company) currently holds 68 active patents and represents the German Expert Council for Environmental Technology and Infrastructure (dex) in Austria.