Webinar: The future of water – plenty or peril?

What will the future of water management look like? How will the post-COVID societies recover? Will citizens become more aware and activate around clean water topics? Will conflicts erupt because of water scarcity? Will megacities and global corporations take a more prominent role – also in water provision? How does digitalization impact the clean water value chain? What about regulation?

This webinar session brings together two expert panelists behind the recent “Water Management 2040 – future scenarios” publication. The report is the outcome of discussions between water experts and influencers on the possible futures that lie ahead of us in terms of clean water. It maps out four different scenarios for the global water supply over the next two decades. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more and hear what the different scenarios would mean to actors in the clean water value-chain.

Topics discussed in this webinar:

• How will global water resources be used and who are the key actors?
• How will the regulation of water treatment change?
• What is the availability of water and who controls it?
• What is the state of water utilities infrastructure? How are the investments funded?
• How will digitalization and platforms change water management?

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