Webinar: Why combine biological and chemical wastewater treatment?

While acknowledging the invaluable role that biological processes play in wastewater treatment, chemical treatment brings some significant, measurable benefits when it comes to energy and plant optimization. Associating “bio” with sustainable may lead us to think that biological treatment must be more environmentally friendly than the combined chemical and biological alternative. Studying the facts reveals a slightly different story.

Watch this on-demand webinar as our hosts Bengt Hansen, Sr. Specialist, Applications and Erik Lindblom, Project Manager from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL discuss the topic, also covering a case study from Stockholm, Sweden.

In this session you will learn how to combine the best of biological and chemical treatment techniques in order to:

  • Remove dissolved BOD and nitrogen
  • Expand capacity at the lowest cost
  • Meet strict phosphorus limits
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint
  • Lower sludge handling costs

Watch the webinar here