Your network is talking – let your meters listen

Non-Revenue Water remains a big challenge and up to 31% of the water loss comes from leaks in service connections. But now you can let every water meter work for you to help locate leaks. Just like a fine-meshed network of noise-loggers, the water meters listen to the distribution lines and the service connections to detect possible leakages while still measuring the consumption.

More than 200 utilities in 18 countries have bought the new solution and several of them have seen almost instant results. This includes one utility that found the first leak one hour after they started while another was able to quickly identify six leaks that would otherwise have remained undetected. And yet another has currently recorded leaks in 34% of the service connections where the new meter has been installed.

With a faster and more efficient leak detection, you reduce your cost per identified leak and can find the low-hanging fruits for reducing both your Non-Revenue Water and operational costs. Detailed knowledge about high risk installations and the overall condition of your network will enable you to prioritise your daily efforts to when and where they will have the biggest impact.

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